Pich is absolutely amazing!!

She’s got so much positive energy and sneaky ways to push you beyond the limits of what you thought you could do. Her encouragement is genuine and enthusiastic and you get things accomplished that you thought you’d never be able to. Her great sense of humour keeps things fun and moving. I recommend her without any reservations!!

  • Elena B
  • Mt Eden, Auckland

After 4 months of sweat, countless swear words ...

... and the occasional tear (who knew leg extensions could make you want to cry?!) I’m down 10kg and 9.8% body fat. I honestly would have given up months ago if it hadn’t been for Pich and her continued support and encouragement. I could not have found a better trainer to work me hard, push me past my perceived limits and most importantly have fun with!!!

  • Emma MW
  • CBD, Auckland

Pich is a passionate and motivating trainer.

She helped me gain my confidence back, got me fitter and stronger and also helped me achieve my goal of competing in a body sculpting competition which was a success!!

  • Alix B
  • St Heliers, Auckland

Pich I would like to thank you for making me feel fantastic on my wedding day!

I appointed you as my personal trainer, from November 2013 through to February 2014 to help me tone and lose weight for my wedding day. And that is exactly what happened. I felt amazing in my wedding dress (which was taken in the week before the big day)! Pich, you are the greatest personal trainer I have met. Passionate, professional and extremely motivating. Thank you for motivating me and pushing me further than I have ever been pushed before.

  • Danielle B
  • Auckland

. . . you are truly an amazing training ...

... who never let me give up and keeps on encouraging me no matter what or how feeling!!

  • Nicole C
  • CBD, Auckland

Pich has totally transformed me!

Before I had personal training, I was almost 70kg and I looked massive! Pich’s sessions are fun and she plans each session thoughtfully and according to my weight loss requirements. She gave me a diet plan and checks on that regularly. I have lost 10 kgs and am loving my new body – toned and curvy! She is the best!!

  • Jacquie Z
  • St Heliers, Auckland

Pich has been fundamental in my success in losing 10 kgs.

Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to make the first step into a healthier lifestyle. She made sure training with her was fun and exciting, especially during a time when the ‘gym’ seemed scary and boring. She molded our weekly meetings to my personal needs, resulting in a more effective workout. You can try to distract her in a workout with chit chat, but it’s not going to work, she means business!!

  • Tommy J
  • North Shore, Auckland

Thanks so much for working with me to achieve my fitness goals over the last six months.

Your dedication, professionalism and “kickass” attitude has gotten me fit enough to learn how to surf, complete the Tough Guy Mud Run and the Length of the Lake Relay. I look forward to more great results in the future.

  • Stephen H
  • Mt Eden, Auckland

I consider myself very lucky to have had personal training sessions with Pichuda.

At first I found it all a bit daunting and didn’t believe in myself that I could do it, but I found Pichuda caring and understanding of my fitness goals. Listening to  what I wanted to achieve and developing an effective plan that helped me get there. I’m so glad that I just went in and did it, I found Pichuda a firm but fair trainer who was highly motivating and made me want to step out of my comfort zone, pushing myself further and building strength I never knew I had. Because of Pichuda’s friendly approach combined with her extensive fitness/nutritional knowledge, I totally trust her 100%, helping me become confident in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Pich

  • Czarina W
  • Glen Innes, Auckland

Where do I start with just a few lines on Pich!!

At 49 years I’m now a bit of an old hand at knowing the difference between a good gym instructor and an amazing one! Pich of course falls into the latter category. I found her to be the most motivating,  inspirational, challenging and fun instructor I’ve ever had. Pich was a true professional, giving helpful advice on ways we could improve our technique to avoid injuries and to ensure we were gaining the maximum benefit from each weights resistance class. To have Pich as a personal trainer and/or class instructor is the ultimate gym workout as she knows how to ‘kick butt’ but in the nicest possible way!!

  • Trish D
  • St Heliers, Auckland

Pich’s personable approach ...

... her care and enthusiasm towards a healthy lifestyle, and encouragement to take pride in our bodies has inspired me from the start and still does. She is a skilled, thoughtful, and sensible trainer that knows how to keep the session enthusiastically hardworking and enjoyable. Her personal dedication to the sport, professionalism, and commitment to her customers is highly commendable.

  • Ottalien P
  • St Johns, Auckland

She has terrific attention to detail ...

... and tells me exactly how to improve how I do the exercises so I get the best results from them.

  • Helen P
  • Mt Eden, Auckland

I love PT sessions with Pich.

Sessions are always varied and challenging. Not being athletic (nor terribly coordinated) Pich has provided great motivation and positive feedback over the last two-years. Now in my late 30s, I am fitter and stronger today than I have ever been. Without Pich I would not have completed my first half-marathon run, let alone be thinking about doing another.

  • Caroline L
  • CBD, Auckland

I honestly still to this day tell people about you….

Wish you could move to Queenstown and train me here. I looked my best when I had you as a trainer. I think what i remember the most is when you approached me that day in the gym and I was doing some boring (and probably non helpful) stretches … You simply lay down beside me and asked about my work out! You then offered one free session which got me hooked!!! Thanks for rocking!!

  • Amanda L
  • Queenstown, NZ

You are an inspiring and enthusiastic trainer.

Your cheerful motivation enables me to see the positive side to pushing that extra bit. I have reached a new level of power and strength through your PT. At high school I really hated sports and fitness, now I can’t live without it. Thank you.


  • Marina P
  • St Johns, Auckland

Always friendly and supportive...

Pich really knows how to motivate and encourage. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

  • Cheryleita D
  • Titirangi, Auckland

Pich is an awesome trainer.

With her help, I have been able to lose weight, gain muscle and improve my balance and coordination. I quickly benefited from an increase in strength and flexibility that I had been unable to achieve on my own. Our sessions are challenging but I enjoy seeing the results and can feel the improvements in my core strength every day plus I have far more energy. Pich is incredibly passionate about her work and it shows, I could not rate her more highly, nor could I fault her methods of training and motivation. If you were thinking of enlisting the help of a personal trainer, you could not find one better than Pich.

  • Tracy M
  • North Shore, Auckland

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