Designed to sculpture your arms, build your booty and strengthen & tighten your core.



The ABC Programme is designed to specifically sculpture your arms, build your booty and strengthen and tighten your core.

Designed for beginners, and can be done easily at home with body weight but it can also be just as easily adapted to more advanced hardcore lifters to be used at any gym.

Choose this programme if you are just wanting a ONE OFF programme only without follow ups.

This programme includes:

  • 4 days of training plans
  • Exercises which target specific areas.
  • Links to videos for technique and instructions

This ABC Programme will suit you if you;

  • Are new to exercise or have any injuries or health issues that may affect an exercise plan.
  • Are wanting a home based training programme using only body weight or basic equipment.
  • Are wanting to train at a gym with free weights and/machines.
  • Want to work towards a general body transformation or want to target specific 'problem areas'.

Please note that this is a ONE-OFF programme only, with no follow-ups or online support.

DISCLAIMER – Always consult with your medical adviser before carrying out any form of regimented physical activity. Results may vary. All sales are final, no refunds.