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Hey PICHPT peeps! I'm inviting you to join in the PICHPT CLIENTS 30 DAY GYM CHALLENGE.



Hey PICHPT peeps! I'm inviting you to join in the PICHPT CLIENTS 30 DAY GYM CHALLENGE.

What is it?

☆ It's a 30 day challenge to create lasting new habits around improving your wellbeing, your body composition, and creating consistency. The Challenge is gym based. You have 45 days (1st Nov - 15th Dec) to complete 30 workouts in the gym.

☆ The nutrition component includes consuming 20% less than your required BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). I will calculate this for you individually. Some general nobrainers regarding nutrition: Limit alcohol consumption to 1 time a week; no processed foods; no fried foods; no soft drinks; no "sports" drinks.

How does it work?

☆ Follow the very flexible, comprehensive exercise programme on the Cityfitness App.
☆ Log every workout to go towards your 30 days.
☆ Track your daily nutrition daily via your preferred food app.
☆ Tick the boxes. Easy.
☆ The participant with the most ticked boxes wins.


☆ At least 30 days of work
☆ $15 registration fee


☆ There will be prizes for the winner (it's a goody)
☆ At the end of the Challenge we will celebrate with a relaxed meal together venue to me decided


THIS IS NOT a weight loss challenge, nor is it a detox program or Abs in 30 days, or some miracle Fat to Fit Beach Body scam.

This is about creating sustainable long term habits around your wellbeing, health and fitness that can only lead to results such as losing body fat, gaining muscle, body recomposition, and a smaller pair of jeans.


THIS IS A CHALLENGE! It is about replacing old habits with new. And that requires some application and work. You have to do something different to get different results.


I'm looking forward to you joining us and getting very good results.

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