• 16 May 2018

Sleep. Some of us can’t get enough of it – literally.

I have previously blogged about getting adequate sleep. But it’s not the quantity or number of hours of sleep we get but it’s the quality that matters more. Adequate sleep is just as an important part of training as the training itself – not matter what your goals are – high performance sports or just losing a few unwanted kilos.

How many of us have woken up from what we think is 8 or more hours of ‘good’ sleep only to feel we want to throw that alarm clock at the rooster and roll over for another 2/3 hours of kip? I’ve had that on numerous occasions. And yet, sometimes we wake up ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound after just 5 hours? Why is that? What is the difference and how do we achieve that more times than not?

See below to read more about why adequate sleep is instrumental and more importantly, how to achieve it.

Like last week’s stress post, I’m not going to delve deeply into why sleep is so important. I’ve done it before, and doing so again would simply take up valuable space that’s better used for action items – for actual sleep hacks that you can put into effect immediately. Just rest assured that it’s crucial to health, longevity, immunity, recovery from training, cognition, aptitude while operating vehicles and/or machinery, insulin sensitivity and, well, do I need to go on? If you want to enjoy your limited time on the planet, you better get your Zs.

Despite the long list of health benefits, sleep is one of those things that people skimp on, whether by necessity (work, traffic, kids, busy schedules) or because they figure they can simply “power through it”.

Read more – 17 Ways to Improve Your Sleep by Mark Sisson

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