• 31 May 2018

Health and fitness trends will not only be reserved for gyms.

  1. Social / Community Element to your training:
    Think events like Fun Runs, Wonderlust, Tough Guy Tough Girl, ORock. These events are a terrific way to not only to engage in physical activities but also to have a sense of involvement and belonging in a tribe and play.
  2. Online Training and Programming:
    This is the 21st century version the Fitness DVD of the 80’s and 90’s. All you do is log on, choose the program you want and sweat it out in the comfort and privacy of your own living room.
  3. Holistic approach to health and wellbeing:
    Taking it a step beyond just exercise. “Burpees alone doth not maketh the man.” Nutrition, recovery, sleep, meditation and play will all make up the total package of health and wellbeing.
  4. Technology and Biomarker Tracking:
    Again you can expect to see continuing growth in this space. Fitbit, Fitness wearables, Smartwatches, and services like 23andMe which provide genetic and DNA mapping. All these are great tools to assist in your health and fitness goals.
  5. Fitness for the work-from-homers or contractors:
    With the rapid increase in self employed, independent contractors and professionals working outside traditional workplaces, more fitness and health products will be delivered in flexible ways and places to these people e.g. trainers coming to the home, workplace and park.
  6. Partnerships with Public/private sector:
    Obesity is a Western World health crisis and a massive drain on public health budgets. Look for more initiative in this area. Gym membership subsidies by companies, in-house PT, yoga, meditation and fitness studios. Government campaigns going beyond the non smoking message and moving into food and exercise.
  7. Functional Fitness and Bodyweight strength training:
    Yes, these are still trending and will continue to be popular… and rightly so as they are the best way to get strong, lose fat, and be prepared for life.
  8. Fitness for the older demographic:
    Think Silver Foxes. Think Rock N Roll Rest Home. Baby boomers want to live forever and are adopting health and fitness trends with gusto . The elderly are taking more care of themselves and realising the importance of regular exercise to maintain optimal health.
  9. Fitness furniture:
    We are finally doing something to change the sedentary nature of our workplace. Standing desks and Walking Work stations are being gradually introduced into the office environment to get more people moving.
  10. Health and Fitness through the Ancestral Lens:
    Huge trends about lessons learned from our past and the pre-industrial Era and applying them to the modern context. Think whole unprocessed foods, primal movement, sunshine, circadian rhythms and the importance of play and social tribes.

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