• 8 July 2019

Hi everyone. Pich here. If you have followed me for a little while, you would know that I have long touted collagen and its many benefits. 

I have been using collagen hydrolysate for a long time now and now that it is becoming mainstream and more popular, I am getting more and more questions about it and what it can do for us.

A lot of people think that collagen is a skin cream that helps us stay looking young and wrinkle free. That’s what the cosmetics and beauty companies want us to believe. Millions of dollars have been thrown at these companies which sell skin creams and ‘miracle serums’. I know I’ve been caught out a couple of times and I’m sure you have too?

So, here is a little blog post about collagen, what it is, how it can help us and how we can keep it abundant in our bodies: Collagen for Skin: The Truth Behind the Benefits by Mark Sisson.

“The premise of collagen is simple: keep the skin elastic, the hair strong, and the connecty bits nice and stretchy. Without it, your muscles, bones, connective tissues, GI tract and even blood cells would be in a tough spot.” Read more…

It’s a short read, I hope you enjoy it.

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