Why Women Should Train with Weights and How To Do Safely

There are many reasons why women should train with weights.

Here’s a good read on why women should strength train and, as importantly, how to do it safely without over training. It also focuses on how to use kettle bells to increase strength, fitness and overall conditioning of the body. A great read by Artemis Scantalides, a coach from Massachusetts, United States. Three years ago she started training for a strength goal called the Iron Maiden Challenge – a weighted pull up, a military press, and a pistol squat all with a 24kg (~53lbs) kettlebell.

“Strength training equals freedom. It means that I do not have to ask anyone for help to lift anything. It helps me to always be strong and independent and to have the ability to move freely”.

The Art Of Heavy Lifting Without Overtraining

by Artemis Scantalides, Coach, Needham, Massachusetts, United States

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